2012 - The year of doing

When a four times World champion says “go for it” you can’t look back or pull out. You have to do it. So I did, I signed up.  And now I face the prospect of doing a half ironman in Switzerland in June 2012.   Do I blame Chrissie Wellington?  No way.  She’s just given me the inspiration to push myself that little bit further. Do I worry that I don’t have a bike?  Or the fact I’ve never done an open water swim? No. And the simple reason is I know I can do it.  Life is for living and there’s something inside me that wants to continually challenge myself.  Maybe being born three months premature has made me a fighter. 

hitting the trails

hitting the trails

“Quietly determined” is how my mum always describes it. 

So ahead of me in 2012 I have a rather large mountain to climb – (Kilimanjaro), a coastal marathon to complete, a cross country ski marathon. And then a half ironman. Along they way, if I can inspire one person to set themselves new goals, I’ll be happy.  But if I can raise more money for three fantastic charities I’ll be delighted.

Far too many close family and friends have been affected by cancer recently.  One person in particular and Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham is a very special place that needs all of the support it can get.  While Bliss gives the likes of my parents the support they need when their babies are born far too early.

The human body is an amazing thing. It’s already got me through the Swiss Alpine Marathon, my first sprint triathlon and an off-road marathon. But it can be pushed to the limit.  At least that’s the plan before I’m 30.  Here goes...