Breathtakingly sapping to Sapri

Day 8: Pimonte-Sapri, 124 milesWe didn't intend to do 124 miles today. In fact I don't think I'd ever set out to ride that far in a day! So it turned out to be a much longer day in the saddle than we had anticipated.  We are mentally and physically drained. 

The good:

The views of the Amalfi coast.

Riding past Paestum archeological site.

Finally arriving at Sapri with our lights on after 9.53 of riding. We were welcomed with cake...

and rewarded with a pizzeria within a minute's walk. 

The bad:

Moped motorway- around Amalfi was insane for our Italian scooter and motorbike loving friends. It was also very slow moving with so much tourist traffic. 

Having only ridden 30 miles by lunchtime!

The wind: in our face, but never at our back.

Walking into two rural, old man bars to get water. Oh the stares!!!!!

The ugly:

Rich getting 3 punctures within 200m of starting this morning. We didn't get going until 0930. 

Getting ushered off the road by a policeman at 6pm, which meant going the long and hilly way around... and an extra 15 miles.

Coming across a road block on the long and hilly way around. Our hearts sank. If there was a moment to cry, this would have been it. So we didn't! We climbed over and continued.

Tomorrow is supposedly a shorter day!!