Cinnamon buns and a whole lot of fun

How is it early-June? It’s been a crazily busy few months. Two major international sporting events before mid-April meant for a very busy period at work. Time was rarely on my side. I think the first 8hour sleep came in May! April was mainly spent working Down Under. Yes, I had to pinch myself on a daily basis.

I felt very lucky to be there, escaping the last few weeks of the never ending 2018 UK winter.

Work was tough, swimming in open air pools was not.  Spending time with Aussie friends and family Oh! So special.

On landing back from Aus we were in full-on Race Organiser mode. Four days after we touched down in Manchester, it was the first ever Canute Duathlon. Jet lag actually came in’s amazing what you can get done when you’re wide awake at 0500!

That said, pre-race nerves are equally as horrific for organisers! After working so hard for such an extended period, you just hope it all goes smoothly, safely and people have a good time.

Thankfully they did, our volunteers were amazing and we got loads of positive feedback. It was also incredibly rewarding to see so many inspiring performances from some of the athletes we coached throughout the winter. One even won an age group prize which was the icing on the cake.  So if you’re after a well organised low-key local Duathlon in 2019, you know where to come...!

My training, has been very unstructured and rather hit and miss, but that’s no bad thing.   After the stress fracture of my femur in 2017 and my achilles issues in 2016, I’m very conscious of trying to look after my body a bit more this year.

That sentence seems ridiculous when I follow it up with the next one.

The main events for 2018 are a Coast to Coast ride in a day (150 miles) and the 6km Bantham Swoosh swim.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m taking a far more chilled out approach, I’m not doing an Ironman, I’ve not even entered a 70.3. I’m doing things for fun without following a structured training programme.

As for riding 150 miles in a day.  Well, we clearly signed up for it whilst still on an Italian high last July. My training thus far has consisted of a weekly interval session that I coach at Knutsford Tri club, the odd (I really do mean odd) 20 mile commute, one 120 mile ride (serious bonk at 90 miles...Only a cinnamon bun could revive me), one hilly 60 mile ride and a two hour hilly ride.

Rich better keep forcing food into me come June 23rd!

I’m building up nicely to Bantham. Long sunny evenings make Open Water dips far more enjoyable and I’m really looking forward to my longest ever swim in another one of my favourite places in the UK, south Devon.

Having been patient with my return to running, I’m pleased to report that my trainers have actually been coming out of the cupboard on a regular basis since spring.  My running has gone from non-existent, to minimal, to actually being able to do it again without wanting to die after 15 minutes. The speed isn’t there, but the enjoyment of running is and at the moment, that’s far more important. The highlight so far was doing a trail half marathon under the most incredible blue skies in the beautiful South Shropshire Hills in early May.  I. Could. Not. Stop. Grinning!

As for combining swim-bike-run,  I’ve only managed it twice this year...But I had an absolute blast on both occasions.  It was SO GOOD to be racing for FUN. The first was Wilmslow sprint as a Raceforce race buddy, where I fluked 3rd F.

Then, I finally got to do Deva Triathlon!! It’s been on my wish list for ages as it’s basically a race through my childhood.

It was absolutely ace cycling through the village where I grew up with my family there to support me.  I was 18thF, 6th AG (35-39). No, I'm not getting any younger.

In other news, I can see a flickering light at the end of the Fuelled by More Cake tunnel!!! We had an incredible day at Deva, thanks to my amazing mum and friend, we sold £400 worth of books. I couldn’t believe it!!

If you don’t have a copy yet, then please do head over to the website, part with £10 and help us to reach the £15,000 fundraising target.

The Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast continues to be a highlight every week. I feel very privileged to be able to speak to so many inspiring athletes.

I genuinely love being able to share their stories with our lovely listeners - if you’re one of them, thank you so much!

My next triathlon will be Sandman where I’ll be back in Raceforce kit. Before that, we’ve still got entries available for the Canute Kids Duathlon in Knutsford in July.   Then, Rich and I are planning another big bike ride.  This year, Portugal is calling.  Thankfully it’s not quite as long as Italy...and even though I won’t be powered by pizza, perhaps I can get my hands on some folar de Olhão.  Yes, I am a languages geek and that is cinnamon bun in Portuguese.