Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast do Outlaw!



How often do you let nerves get the better of you in the build up to a race?

Do you get that queasy feeling a few weeks out?  Do those little voices in your head make you doubt yourself?

If you are a worrier like me, I have a good, simple solution.   Say yes when you get a message like this from Rob Wilby:

“Random thought – would you be up for doing Outlaw as a relay with me and one other?  Just for fun!”

A few days later and the Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast relay team was on the start list of Outlaw 2018. I would take care of the swim, hubby Rich would ride and Rob would take one for the gang and do the run.

In the days leading up to the race, there were no pre-race nerves, very little pre-race faff and I was genuinely excited about a weekend at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.

I spent Saturday afternoon in a fetching yellow t-shirt at registration, but it was worth it. There are now 21 fewer Fuelled by More Cake books in my house!



Even though we were only doing the relay, we still had to be up early doors on the Sunday.  But with only a 2.4mile swim between me and a hot shower, I didn’t have to force more than a banana into me at silly o’clock in the morning.

Looking around me on the start line, I felt like a bit of fraud.  Most other people had 9-16 hours of racing ahead of them. I knew if I wasn’t sitting down with a hot brew in hand 90 minutes later, something would have gone horribly wrong.

Even the weather isn’t worth fretting over when you’re about to be submerged in a rowing lake.  I was super chilled and it was an amazing pre-race feeling.

The whole day continued in that vein. Doing the relay was just a ridiculous amount of fun.

I was able to cheer the final swimmers on as they exited the water,  I could catch up with familiar friends and faces.  Rob and I even had time to put the world to rights over a camper van coffee.



It was a totally different race day experience and I loved it.

I thought the most nervous moment of the day would be taking hold of the microphone and joining John, Simon, Kyle and Lee on the commentary team.  Even though I have over 15 years experience in broadcasting, I questioned what on earth I thought I was doing, I thought others would be judging me.  I had been given a unique opportunity and I didn’t want to mess up.

Once I had figured out the system, I got into the swing of things and had an absolute blast just being me. It was a privilege to call athletes across the line.



The real deal for nerves and worry came when I learned Rich had been involved in an accident on the bike.  Seeing him looking numb and hobbling off the bike made me feel rather emotional.

I went with him to the medical tent and thankfully they said nothing was broken but he wasn’t in a great place. And when I heard he had ended up on a car bonnet it does make you stop and think.

Crash aside, it was a fantastic weekend and if you want a great race with friends, look no further than the Outlaw events next year. I guarantee:

  • Lots of laughs

  • Running down the finish chute with teammates!

  • Being able to compete AND cheer!

  • Chance of a fast performance…Hello 1.02.32 PB swim :)