Pedalling Portugal 2018: Day six-happy bottoms!

Cinfães-Porto 49 miles.

4h01 riding time. Avg 12mph.

Ascent 3051ft. Descent 3,786 ft.

Today it was time to say Adeus to Gertrude and The Bitch. It wasn’t a tearful parting. In fact I could hear the sense of relief and happiness coming from every part of my backside!


Today we would be following the Douro river to Porto. But first we had to get down to the river from Cinfães. The time we spent freewheeling and the slow but steady change from pine trees to reeds and bright green foliage indicated just how much we had climbed over the previous day!


Once we crossed the Douro to get onto the northern side, we found ourselves getting out of the saddle to climb more and every time we got vaguely close to the water, we were forced up and away from it again, like magnets repelling.


The scenery was picture postcard beautiful. We were surrounded by lush greenery and vineyards and it really reminded me of the gorgeous shores of lake Geneva. We had a final old man cafe stop to get a coffee, some cake and Pringles (?!) and continued towards Porto.


Before we knew it we were on the outskirts of the city, then negotiating our way down one way streets, over cobbles and up steep hills. It was the shortest day of riding but we were both ready to leave the bikes behind and explore Porto.


This trip had thrown different challenges to the ones we faced in Italy and it took a few days to get into it. But that’s the beauty of cycle touring and I can’t wait for the next one!