I co-host the Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast and I absolutely love it! Every week you’ll hear top interviews from the world of triathlon along with the latest news, tips and advice. You can find us on iTunes and if you like what you hear then please leave a review or even become a patreon. In the meantime, why not have a listen to some of my highlights below?



The Periods Podcast - Blood Sweat and Gears

After writing this blog and opening up about my own experience when it comes to periods, I decided to put together this podcast to help others.

This is a MUST-LISTEN for all female athletes, coaches, mums, dads, and teenagers daughters. We find out why it’s so important to have a regular period (it isn’t just about having babies), what it’s like to deal with your period on race day and in training.   It features Dr Georgie Bruinvels, an elite endurance athlete and research scientist who has helped to develop the amazing FitrWoman™ app for female athletes to track their cycle and Dr Jess Piasecki a GB runner and lecturer in Exercise Physiology who has written a number of excellent articles about female athletes. Meredith Kessler, an American multiple Ironman Ironman 70.3 Champion and co-author of the brilliant Life of a Triathlete and fellow pro Nikki Bartlett also share their experiences.


Nicola Spirig

I felt such a sense of excitement when I got an email saying Nicola Spirig was happy to do this interview with me. Having lived and worked in Switzerland, I’m fully aware of how much of a super star she is there. I also know that it’s quite rare for her to do interviews like this. And that’s what makes it such a fascinating listen! She discusses everything from family life to studying law, as well as what it's like to be coached by Brett Sutton. Nicola is due to have her third child in Spring 2019 but tells me she intends to return for what would be an incredible 5th Olympic Games appearance at Tokyo 2020.   She also reveals what she REALLY said to Gwen Jorgensen during the run at Rio 2016 and the difference between training alongside Chrissie Wellington and Daniela Ryf. You might be surprised to hear she ALWAYS suffers from pre-race nerves…And you might enjoy hearing about why she plans to wear two golden horses in her ears at the Tokyo Olympics.

London 2012 gold medallist Nicola Spirig with her two children

London 2012 gold medallist Nicola Spirig with her two children


Be inspired by Camilla Pedersen

Camilla Pedersen

This is one of the most inspirational interviews I have ever done and it really hammers home the importance of spending time doing what you love! On September 2nd 2013 Camilla Pedersen was in the form of her life. She had won the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 European titles earlier that summer and was preparing for the World Championships in Hawaii. The following day she was in an induced coma in hospital, following a crash during her final training ride in Denmark. She remained in a coma for 19 days. Doctors told her she would never walk again, let alone do a triathlon.  Remarkably, just a year later, Camilla was crowned ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Champion.


Double World Triathlon Champion Helen Jenkins

Double World Triathlon Champion Helen Jenkins

The Pregnancy Podcast: Swim, Bike, Mum

With a number of World, Olympic and Ironman Champions having recently become mums, we take a closer look at pregnancy and triathlon.  We are joined by two time Olympian Helen Jenkins who explains about adapting to training whilst pregnant, and Kate Allan tells us how pregnancy helped move her performances on. We also get the views of Matt Bottrill on how a coach has to develop their skills and plans when an athlete becomes pregnant.  Esme Matthew from the English Institute of Sport gives us the expert view about how they help elite athletes through pregnancy.